What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is vital to the success of your search engine optimisation campaign. If your website contains the wrong keywords then your potential customers will never be able to find you. Researching the most popular keywords surrounding your industry or product can help you to optimise your content for the right keywords, keywords that web users are using to help them get the information they need.


There are many ways you can research keywords and there are many tools and resources you can use. For example, Google has its own keyword research tool as part of its Adwords service. The keywords you think people are using to find you may be a lot different to the keywords that are actually being used and this tool will help you build a list of keywords that you can incorporate into your content.
When a user enters a search into their search engine, the search engine will trawl the web looking for websites containing words or phrases that match the search. These will be presented to the user in order of relevance and popularity. The most successful and high ranking websites will contain a good selection of popular keywords and therefore get a higher place in search engine results.

When putting together your list of keywords, don’t choose too many as you will find it hard to work a high number into your content. Choose the most popular keywords and go for a total of about 10-20 so as not to saturate your content with too many. Search engines are quite picky when choosing websites and if your keywords are littering your content too much you will actually get a lower ranking in the page results. Remember to work your keywords into your content so that your copy makes sense and is engaging and relevant.

The key thing to remember is not to guess at what you think users are entering in order to find your site. Use the keyword research tools at your disposal as these present real results of what people are entering into their search engines and how many people are using those search terms.

Researching keywords is vital and could make a whole lot of difference to your SEO results. It is a good idea to research the latest keywords regularly as factors such as consumer trends and news can alter the search terms a web user might enter. The more content you can publish containing your researched keywords the better and as long as you remember a few simple rules your website should start sailing to the top of the search engine results. There are many ways you can add more keywords to your site. Also, opening a blog or creating a social media marketing campaign can give you more avenues to use your keywords and these are all used for search engine results so you would be raising your profile even more. The more you can use keywords, the more people will receive your site in their search engine results.