What is Directory Submission?

Directory submission involves submitting your website to online directories in order to increase your search engine rankings.  Combine this with SEO, social media marketing and article marketing and you could see some great results in no time.

When choosing directories to submit your website to, think about whether you want to pay for this service.  There are many free directories, but the paid ones will generate better results.  Links submitted to paid directories will have a longer life than those submitted to free directories where links tend to disappear after a year.  That said there are still some free directories that should be used in order to get the best results.

If your business is in a particular niche then it is a good idea to submit your links to both niche and general directories.  The best way to find niche directories is through a good old web search.  The directories that appear in the first few results are generally the best ones to go for as they will produce the best results.  For general directories go for those that have been established for years.  There are some new directories appearing, but it may take a while for these to get going.

When submitting your website to an online directory you will need to list it in the right category and sub-category.  Get this wrong and you may as well have not bothered to submit your site at all.  Inappropriate submissions are likely to just get rejected and you may not be informed.  Take care when submitting your site and you can be sure you will be listed in the right category and receive targeted traffic to your site.

Directory submission is the most commonly and widely used process for achieving quality backlinks.  The same rules apply in that you should only submit your directories that have good page rankings and a good reputation.  Submitting to too many directories at once could kill your page rank as search engines will think you are submitting spam links.  There are many online directories available including those provided by Google and Yahoo.  When putting together your plan of attack for SEO, ensure you remember to include directory submission for the most effective results.

Running a Google search with the term “directory submission” will show you the most popular website directories.  Some directories have rules as to which kinds of website they will accept.  For example, some directories only accept commercial websites whilst others only accept sites that offer an interactive service.  Choose wisely when selecting your directories and choose those that rank highly and have a good reputation.  If you do want to use a directory that charges a fee, check it out first to see what they are offering and how their service can help you.  All directories differ so you need to choose the directory that will best suit your needs.  Directory submission is just another key factor in your quest for high search engine rankings but is well worth the effort.