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London Seo is complex. You are not the only one. In this city, with around a million companies, ranking for a search term containing the word London is very difficult. Very difficult. London has 12 businesses for every 95 people and each one of them is pushing to be on first page on  Google for their niche.

Here at Seo Buddy, we understand that being at the top of the search engine results is the most important factor to your success, which is why we are providing a bespoke service for clients wanting expert SEO in London.

So why is regular SEO  not good enough for a London business

Well, with such a large amount of competition, regular methods of SEO will not have a lot of impact in London. You can not just rely on backlinks, a little on-page seo, keyword tinkering and a fractionally faster loading time to get you on the first page. Google has changed so this doesn’t work anymore.

For starters, lots of other websites are doing the same thing, so  you are just going to end up like them. If you SEO backlink your website to death, you risk getting in trouble with Google for too many spam links and end up keyword stuffing your content to such an extent that no one wants to read it. .

You should also remember that London has some of the largest and well known companies in the world with enough money to ensure their websites keep their high authority within the search engines. You are competing against giants in your industry.


You can not just rely on PPC to drive traffic.  If you add London to a term then  you will double your advertising costs. For example, for one of our customers, the  PPC cost started  from £800 per month and then rose to £2000 per month just for adding the word London to the keyphrase. That’s more than double.

To reach page 1 in google with London SEO, you need a fresh approach.

Ranking top SEO for London

To succeed with your Seo campaign for London based searches, you will need a website that has earned its unique Google presence by publishing fresh content that tempts other authority websites to link to your website.

This is an almost impossible ask but here at Seo Buddy we can turn this into a reality .

How Seo Buddy does SEO differently

Seo Buddy is dedicated and passionate about SEO. We want to help you rank 1st page on google for all London search keywords.

To accomplish this task, we offer 3 different tailor-made packages based on the scale of your companies website business.

Seo Buddy will make the time to study your business and create a unique Seo London package tailored to your niche.

Seo Buddy only uses ethical white hat Seo techniques so you can be confident your website will not get penalised by google.

We have the experience with London Seo

Well you found us on google when you searched london seo

Are Criteria is to obtain a high success for our clients and keep up the high standards in the Seo industry.

As a leading London SEO Agency. We completely  understand the way London ticks. We keep up with the fast pace of London seo and make changes to our formula when google changes.

Your companies heartbeat is SEO. Without it, you don’t exist. London SEO trends change constantly and you need an Seo Company that can do the job. “Seo Buddy”

What Is Ethical SEO and Best Ethical SEO Techniques

While there are a large number of London SEO companies working around us, with their own specific policies and ethics, it becomes obvious to differentiate them on the basis of ethical SEO and less ethical SEOs. Ethical SEO means by the process of search marketing where the right and acceptable London SEO techniques and tactics are followed.

In other words, an ethical London SEO emphasis on the optimization of a website for the visitors and not for search engines. It is the basic and the actual difference between these two forms of SEO.



The London Seo market is always full of competition and uncertainty. It involves a great risk with each SEO game change or game launch. And when any search engine crosses the limit and found felony of conducting the unethical tactics is taking a high risk that can result in a big trouble to them.

Even many big brands also have been penalized for any such activities. Rules are made to be respected and being followed if you disobey them you will be punished or banned forever.

As per market complications and cutthroat competition; it is sometimes very tempting to adopt some shortcuts but it contains a high risk. A short term benefit can result in long term loss of reputation and your site loses its position on the search engines.

In this sense, creating and developing a sound website is much simpler than playing the wrong tactics and pay for it. Success is the long-term result of the hard work.

Furthermore, the modern search engines also enlist the website in their indexes who are guaranteed for their ethical SEO techniques relating to content drafting and client service. With their longtime experience in search engine field, they can easily classify that what can be work ethically and what can not.

After having a good understanding of ethical SEO and importance in practical online marketing, it is better to understand the ethical guidelines that should be followed if someone wants its SEO totally future proof. In every search engine marketing deal, the agencies and the consultants discuss the SEO ethics mainly. This is a wholesome approach that is finely constructed with honesty, respect, and integrity.

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