What is Pay per Click?

Pay per click advertising is a great way of promoting your service, products and website. This method of advertising allows you to reach people who are actually interested in doing business with you and already looking for your particular service. If you are looking for higher rankings or another method of achieving search engine success, pay per click can be a great way of achieving these goals.
Pay per click is an online advertising format that allows you to bid your way to the top of search page rankings and it is big business. You pay for advertisements to be placed on search results pages when users enter a search that is relevant to your business. The beauty of this kind of advertising is that you only pay when a user clicks on your advert. The return on investment can be huge especially if you have implemented great content and other SEO processes already.

You can see how pay per click works by running a search in your search engine for any subject. When the results page comes back you will see a list of web adverts under the heading of “sponsored links” or “sponsor results”. The way these results are presented depends on the search engine you are using, but the premise is the same. These ads are ranked depending on how much money the business in question wishes to pay to advertise against a certain search phrase. Companies bid against each other and the highest bidder gets the top spot each time a user searches for that particular search phrase or set of keywords.

Adverts can be bought using pay-per-click suppliers, the largest of which are owned by Yahoo and Google. You may have heard of Google Adwords as this is the most popular pay-per-click supplier and will display results on Google, AOL, Ask Jeeves and a variety of other search engines. You may wonder why you should pay for such advertising when you have already implemented effective SEO strategies. Well, because you are only paying when users click on your advert you could actually make more money off their one visit than it takes to get them there. Pay-per-click can actually be very effective and lucrative depending on the keywords used. Of course you will pay more for the most popular key phrases and to get the top spot, but it could be worth it in the long run.

If you are in a niche market without many competitors you could find it quite easy to bid for and win the most popular keywords for your niche. Remember, you only pay when a user clicks on your advert too so what have you got to lose? The more you can do to implement SEO and web marketing tactics for your company the more traffic and potential customers you will receive. Pay-per-click is just another great method you can use and the effort can really produce high dividends.